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Boost Post to reach more people, sounds good right? This button is a simple way for Page Managers to reach more people with a few clicks. But what is the objective of your post? Who are you reaching? Here are a 3 reasons (there are a lot more!) why Boost Post is a waste of time and money. We do recommend you to dive into the Facebook Ads Manager, where you can do detailed targeting and make Facebook Ads work for your business.

  1. Objective: What is the goal of your post? Are you looking for more interaction? Do you want to attract customers into your restaurant? Do you want to collect e-mail addresses from new buyers? Do you want to gain more leads? Or do you want more traffic to your website? These are all kinds of objectives which can not be set through Boost Post.
  2. Targeting: Who is your customer? Do you want to target students from a certain University? Do you want to know the birthdays of everyone in your city? Do you want to target parents with children? These are all kinds of demographics which can be selected through the Facebook Ads Manager and can not be selected with Boost Post. Another targeting option is Behavior: looking for people who are into diets or healthy food? Or target your ads on interest: Is your customer someone who is interested in animals? Then you are able to select cat-lovers to sell your kitten bracelets.
  3. Select Advertisement Placements: When selecting Boost Post your post will be shown randomly. But did you know through the Facebook Ad Manager you can select your post to be seen only on Facebook, or only on people’s news feed. Even in Messenger or Marketplace you select your post to be seen or not.

Use Facebook Ads to your advantage and let it work for you. Remember, Facebook almost knows everything and has numerous data about people. Learn more about Facebook ads and contact us.