Why have a website as an Influencer

Nowadays people are able to show them selves online. There’s no need for talent programs or to get noticed on TV. Teenagers (and above of course) are able to show their lifestyle, their fashion, their travels, their sports and much more to share with the world. Having a 50.000 people following on Instagram can be done these days. The best thing about it? You can make it your business. Be smart and professional to brands, you can do that by having your own website. Why should you have one?

  1. Contact: Brands and people can get in touch with you by e-mail through your website. You probably get thousands of DM’s or Facebook messages and you are unable to read them all on your phone. Have a professional e-mail and make it a habit to read and respond to e-mails everyday.
  2. Design: A good looking design matching your style is saying everything about your online brand.
  3. Pro: Having a website gives you authority and shows that you are doing this not only for fun but that you have a professional mindset as well.

Create your website simply, show who you are, with who you’ve worked and what you stand for. What are you waiting for? Get your website up and running!

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