5 Website Mistakes in Healthcare

  1. CTA (Call-to-Action): Your website indeed needs to display information about your business and what you do. But a clear Call-to-Action button makes it easy for the visitor to make an appointment or get in touch with you quickly.
  2. Online location: Yes, you might have the best location for your healthcare business, but what about your online location? We call it SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Future patients should be able to find your business online.
  3. Responsive: This is a very important one as many healthcare businesses are lacking responsive websites. Your practice might be modern, but your online practice should be up-to-date as well in a digital age where your website has to be mobile-and tablet friendly.
  4. Design: Your main focus may not lie with your website and many businesses are not paying attention to design, but you will score points with a modern designed website so your practice and website are equal. After all, your website is your online practice.
  5. Language: Most people don’t speak ‘your language’ (doctor talk and definitions). Your website should be easy to read for the visitor so they will understand it.

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