5 Social Media Post Ideas For Hotels

hotel social media

The competition in the hotel industry is endless. In one area several hotels can be present. But how do you stand out from the others? In a digital age, you should use Social Media to stand out: Make your brand personal, get closer to the customer and show your hotel through Social Media what can’t be seen on Booking.com, Expedia or your website. Here are 5 Social Media post ideas for your hotel if you do not know how to use Social Media.

  1. Interact with guests: Do you see a guest who is taking a lot of pictures with their mobile? Your guest might be using social media and therefore it’s a smart move to interact with your guest. Ask if your guest wants to be on a picture and if you can post it on your Facebook & Instagram page. Chances are high the person will share the photo and it will be seen on the guests social media.

2. Make them hungry (literally): Show them the special of the day or what kind of food you have on the menu. Make them hungry and perhaps they might enter the restaurant later.

3. Target specific groups: Is your hotel family-friendly? Social media is a good way to display why your hotel is the place for families. Make video’s or pictures of the hotel’s playground or babysitting service to let families know you take care of their children like it’s a big family

4. Re-post: This is a very important one. Search for your hotel on Instagram/Facebook and see which guests are posting their check-out or who are posting their last pictures on social media of your hotel. Re-post their photo’s on your account, tag them and tell them they were awesome guests and that you hope to see them again. This gives a very personal experience to guests.

5. Your staff: Introduce your guests to your staff. Your staff in the hotel are the people who make it happen. Guests see your staff everyday and by posting a personal picture or story of your staff you will get closer to the guests.

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